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Mythology Clothing Co. understands your passion and commitment to your ultimate body. That is why we have created the ultimate bodybuilder clothing just for you and your community.

Our bodybuilding wear is not for the undisciplined. It is for bodybuilder who know who the meaning of true power and want clothing that reflects their strength. With Mythology’s bodybuilding clothing you don’t have to compromise style for a great fit. Our apparel isn’t your typical off the rack fit or style! Our bodybuilding clothing is designed to show off the bodybuilder’s hard earned muscles.

Mythology Clothing Co. born from a vision of becoming a dedicated brand for hardcore bodybuilders and bodybuilder, offering functional and stylish gym clothes. As we’ve grown, we’ve become recognizable brand name in the bodybuilder and bodybuilding world, inspiring lifters of all levels to discover the strongest parts of their inner self.

We make bodybuilding clothes to empower people to live their best life through hardcore fitness. Every single one of our bodybuilding t-shirts and hoodies is designed by our in-house team, who are just like you – bodybuilders with a brain and passion for Mythology.

Each aspect of our bodybuilding clothing has been carefully designed to level up your performance in the gym – we do indeed sweat the small stuff so you can lift big. Every stitch on our clothing is sewn with the squat rack in mind, offering a distraction-free workout so you can go hard in the gym.

If you’re ready to join the rest of us nerdy bodybuilders and take your training to the next level, take a look around our shop and discover our wearable motivation. Your greatest life can begin here, with clothing that has a bold statement about your inner strength.


What do bodybuilders wear to the gym?

Bodybuilders are at the forefront of wearing hoodies at the gym. Due to the specific way of training, bodybuilders can still most often be seen exercising in hoodies. If you are one of those for whom workouts are a part of your daily routine, you should definitely add a few new hoodies to your wardrobe.

Why do some guys workout in hoodies?

For the same reason, athletes often wear hoodies while working out mostly to get warmed-up faster. Wearing gym hoodies will help them trap the heat inside their body and warm-up their muscle faster. If your muscles are cold, there might be a chance of pulling your muscle if you sprint.

Why do bodybuilders wear oversized shirts?

They are not there to try and meet someone. They are to train, and that’s it. They may want to impress their circle of guys with big time size and strength, but they pretty much don’t care what anyone thinks about what they’re wearing.

Should I wear a sweatshirt at the gym?

If the gym is cold, or if you’re outside in cooler temperatures, throw on a sweater—especially in the beginning of a workout when you are stretching out and warming up. Keep muscles and joints warm for the duration of your workout to increase performance and mobility, while lowering your risk of injury.

Why do bodybuilders wear hoodies when they train?

Wearing a hoodie holds in heat which during stretching and warm ups brings more blood to the surface and into muscle. Once you have warmed up – the hoodie is no longer needed and taken off to prevent over heating.

Why do bodybuilders wear tank tops?

Moisture wicking fabrics from all forms of workout clothing, including stringer vests and tank tops provide a far more invigorating workout as the fabric is designed to not merely absorb sweat, but dry much faster than heavier fabrics. The result is a lighter top that allows for maximum sweat containment and control.


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