Greek mythology is a fascinating subject full of powerful gods, mysterious creatures, and inspiring stories. This article will discuss the Top 10 Books of Greek mythology.

1. Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

Written by: Edith Hamilton, 1942

“Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes” is written by Edith Hamilton, first published in 1942. It’s a comprehensive collection of myths and legends from ancient Greece and Rome, as well as a selection from Norse mythology. Edith Hamilton’s work is renowned for its clarity, eloquence, and the way it captures the essence of ancient myths, making them accessible and engaging to modern readers.

The book covers a wide range of stories, from the origins of the gods and the world in Greek mythology to the tales of heroes like Hercules and Odysseus. It also delves into the Trojan War and its aftermath, providing insights into the characters and events that have shaped Western literature and thought. Hamilton’s narrative skillfully weaves together the complex threads of these ancient stories, highlighting their cultural significance and the universal themes they explore, such as love, power, fate, and heroism.

2. D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths

Written by: Ingri D’Aulaires

It is a masterpiece by Ingri D’Aulaires. This book is perfect for introducing Greek heroes and stories to children. It contains illustrative pictures that further increase the beauty of this book.

3. The Complete World of Greek Mythology

Written by: Richard Buxton

This book is written in historical and geographical contexts. You will find a perspective of how the heroes and gods were born in the context of Greek society and Religion. You will find the Greek myths about the creation of the Universe, gods, and mortals.

4. The Iliad 

Written by: Homer & Robert Fagles

top 10 Books of Greek Mythology

This book will find many great Greek heroes fighting with Gods in Greek society. You will also find the story of the Trojan horse and the repercussions of this war. This action-packed reading will grab your attention till the last page.

5. Theogony

Written by: Hesiod & M.L. West

In ancient Greek mythology, the creation narratives are the main point to understand. This book comprehensively covers the first gods’ origin and the Universe.

6. The Odyssey

Written by: Homer & Robert Fagles

This epic is an immortal work of the legendary Homer. It consists of some of the best poems from the writer.

It revolves around the journey king of Ithaca (Odysseus) as he returns from the Trojan war.

7. Greek Religion

Written by: Walter Burkert

In this marvellous work of literature, Walter Burkert tells us about the Greek gods and their Religion. The author educates us on How the gods and Religion evolved in Greek history. The book also covers their theology, religious rituals, and sanctuaries. Their views of death and the afterlife.

8. The Library of Greek Mythology

Written by: Apollodorus

This book is the magnum opus of Apollodorus is translated by Robin Hard. Of the Top 10 Books of Greek mythology, this one is my favorite. The book’s central message is the birth of God and the world’s creation. You will also learn about the mighty deeds of heroes such as Jason, Hercules and Perseus.

9. Myth and Philosophy: A Contest of Truths

Written by: Lawrence J. Hatab

Like other books, this book discusses Greek Religion, political system, and different myths. The book also extensively analyzes the transformation of Greek society through time.

10. The Penguin Dictionary of Classical Mythology

Written by: Pierre Grimal 

It is an excellent book for knowing about various terms and heroes of Greek mythological history. You will get the best guide for every noun you ever come across in Greek mythology. You will find details about various characters, places, and fundamental terms.