In Japanese mythology, there are many bizarre mythical creatures. Though there is a long list of them, we bring you the top 10 Japanese mythological creatures in this blog. 

Each of them has its own tales and powers. 


 Japanese Mythological Creatures

The Shīsā is a dog-like lion in Japanese mythology. It used to exist in the beautiful islands of Okinawa. They were very friendly towards their masters and protected the whole family. 

Mostly, Shīsā was kept outsides of palaces, temples, and grand estates because he protected them from evil powers.


In Japanese Mythology, Yatagarasu is a tri-legged who resembles crows. It was associated with the sun because he lived on the sun. 

In many of the stories, Yatagarasu helped legendary heroes discover hidden sites and find uncovered truths. He also found the weakness of wild enemies.


 In Japanese Mythology, We find yokai (the spirits). Nurikabe is one of the mythical yokai. The legend has it that he mysteriously appears in the middle of the night in the form of a wall and blocks the traveler’s path. He misleads them from their path. 


Jorōgumo is yet another yokai (spirit) in Japanese mythology who can adopt the shape of a beautiful woman. The legend has it that when a golden orb spider crosses 400 years, Jorōgumo is born. 

Jorōgumo is also known as a spider woman and can control all other spiders.


Norse 4

The Tanuki in Japanese history is an extraordinary creature. This creature can convert itself into a dog, a human, or maybe a log. 

Moreover, Tanuki has an addictive nature. If he converts into a human, he can get addicted to alcohol, gambling, and tobacco. 


If you want some gold, don’t search for the treasure. But search for an Obariyon instead because it can get you gold. 

It is a mythical creature that lives in the jungle or grassy areas. While you are walking, she can jump on your back and then start to expand and become heavy. It will turn into gold if you can bear the weight and reach home. 


Amikiri is a famous Japanese spirit. They are hybrid creatures of serpent and bird. 

They are not lethal, but they have the terrible habit of cutting the fishers’ nets. In Japanese Mythology, they are known as helpers to travelers, and in some stories, they are the attacker.


Amanojaku is a little mythical creatures who is very stubborn. They don’t harm you directly but these creatures have the ability to inspire you to fulfill your evil desires.  

They don’t listen and obey anybody. 

9-Aka Manto

Aka Manto is a Japanese spirit that lives in cities, especially in schools or public toilets, contrary to other mythical creatures. He will give his victim a choice of blue or red toilet paper when he sits down. Red means that the victim will drench in his blood, while blue means turning blue until death.


Oni is the most feared monster in Japanese Mythology. Oni is a short-tempered creature and can quickly change its color in red, white, or blue. It is a brutal beast that uses its iron bat without using its brain.

So this was our list of top 10 Japanese mythological creatures, I think in our list of top 10 Japanese mythological creatures, Nurikabe is the most dangerous. let us know which one you think is the most dngerous?

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