Like Greeks, every ancient culture globally has its own unique collection of mythological creatures and legends. Each of them is fascinating in its own way. In this article, I am presenting to you a list of Top 10 Mythical Creatures from all around the world.

Let’s begin!


The Chimera can be described as a giant fire breathing female monster that hails from Asia Minor. Chimera resembles a lion but with two extra heads. It has goat and serpent heads sticking out from its back.

It is included in the list of some of the most dangerous creatures of Greek mythology. It sacked many cities and killed thousands of innocent souls. Finally, it was preyed on by the legendary character Belleropphon.


It is one of the most popular mythical creatures. Ideas concerning dragons vary significantly via regions. It is a giant creature with huge wings and can breathe fire. While Dragons in some societies are usually shown as wingless, four-legged, serpentine creatures with above-average knowledge.

They have special significance in Chinese myths.

3- Cyclopes

Cyclopes are legendary Greek and mythical Roman creatures. The word Cyclopes literally means circular eyes. Mythological stories have it that Cyclopes created the legendary weapon Thunderbolt for Zeus.

4- Khepri

Any list of the top 10 mythical creatures will be incomplete if it does not contain a character from ancient Egyptian mythologies. Khepri has the human body but scarab-face, and it was considered a god by the primitive Egyptians.

5- Gold- Digging Ant

Have you ever wondered if an Ant of the size of a fox can find treasures? I hope you never. But ancients were creative, or perhaps the world was filled with magical creatures back then. According to Herodotus, these weird ants existed in India and people used to follow them to collect gold dust.

6- Medusa

I have some advice for you and you better take it. If you ever encounter a Medusa, never look into her eyes. Wait, but who is Medusa?

Medusas are female creatures in ancient Greek myths with giant wings and serpent-like hair. The legend has it that whoever looked into their eyes would turn into stone!

7- Sphinx

If you are interested in Egyptian archeology, you might have seen this image somewhere. It is called Sphinx, and mysteriously their statues are also found in India.

Sphinx is the blend of three powerful creatures. It has the body of the lion, wings of the eagle and the head of a human. In some myths, it is a male while it is a female in others. Greeks portrayed it as a stone-hearted creature who would murder the farers.

But Egyptian mythology paints a very benevolent picture of her.

8- Jorōgumo

Let me introduce you to a strange Japanese folklore character Jorogumo. It is a ghost spirit that would appear in front of people in the form of a gorgeous woman to trap them. It is also known in Japanese lore as spider-woman. In one of the stories, she tried to trap the mythical Japanese warrior Bushi but was killed by him.

9- Piasa

It was a giant mythical bird in Native American folklore. The legend is that it was initially a harmless creature until she tasted a dead soldier. Later, she started attacking and eating nearby village farmers.

10- Apep

Apep is a giant mythical snake of Egyptian lore that was 600-inches long. It was so powerful that it could cause Earthquakes. It was an enemy of the Egyptian god Ma’at.